INNOVV South Africa

protect your Ride Capture Moments Share Life

The next generation of dash cameras, INNOVV products built for adventure, designed to last.

Fit them to anything, Motorcycles, Quads, Jet Skies, Boats, Off Road vehicles, take your INNOVV with for the ride and share with the world



Fit and Forget

Completely self sustaining, no need to charge, no need to turn it on and off, no need to remove the SD card. The INNOVV Camera System is completely independent.

Discreet Installation

INNOVV Cameras, with their sleek design, can be installed to minimise the disruption of your motorcycles sleek design.

They also remain hidden from potential sticky fingers.

Wide View Angle

The INNOVV Action Cameras have a 120° angle of view, they keep an eye on the danger zones.

Just like a traditional dashcams, the wide-angle INNOVV camera’s focus is on where you’re going and where you've been.

Wireless Freedom

With the Innovv app, download video quickly and share on social media or with your friends in a flash.

The app also allows instant access to manage any of the Cameras functions.

weather proof Design

The INNOVV water-resistant housing and accessories, guard against water, dirt, sand, or foam – the cameras rides along with whatever you’re willing to endure

High Build Quality

Each part including the Camera and DVR are made from high quality aluminium precisely milled to be compact and elegant, built to last.