INNOVV K2 firmware, manuals and PC player software. Please contact us if you would like any further information on firmware or manuals for your items.


Current Firmware Version - 4th Jun          2020K2.20200513.V0.70

  • K2 purchases from May 2020. F and R is printed on the lens conenctor/cable. Please note that this was printed in error. Either lens can be used for front and rear as labelled on the DVR unit.

  • V.70 Firmware update (K2) 4th Jun 2020. 

  • iOS v13. If you have updated your Apple Device to iOS v13 please ensure you have the latest Innovv App and Firware version 

  • Recent Samsung Mobile Software Update affecting Wifi Connectivity. Please contact us to guide you through the easy steps to resolve this issue.


Automatic Firmware Upgrade

You will be notified if an update is available upon opening the INNOVV Smartphone App


K2 firmware:



Add the function of turning the lens flip 180°

How to update firmware:

1.  Click the above link to download the latest firmware named K2.bin to your computer
2.  Copy the K2.bin file to an SD card which shall be in FAT32 format. The file name must be the original name and other names could not work, such as K2(1).bin or K2(2).bin.
3.  Insert the Micro SD card into your INNOVV DVR.
4.  Power on your INNOVV camera system, and the firmware will be automatically updated with the red light flashing               erratically. 

Once update is successful the blue light will be flashing on a regular basis appx once a second. If for any reason the update was not successful, please repeat the update.

K2 manual:


k2 link qr's.png